About Clients

Eriogonum umbellatum “Kannah Creek”


 Many people have questions when trying to select a designer to help them create the garden they desire. Here are some questions that I frequently hear.

“I don’t know a lot about plants and landscape options. ( Will the designer understand what I need?”)

“How do I decide on a designer?”

“What is the process to getting started?”

Clients vary in their understanding of landscaping design/processes. It is my goal to help a client by finding out about them and their project. This includes their concerns, wants, needs, desires and budget so that we can make the best decisions together.

Interviewing a few designers is always a good approach. I recommend talking/meeting with 2-3 designers to get an idea of who is the best fit.  It is important to work with a designer that understands your vision and can incorporate your vision into a plan that is aesthetically pleasing and functional. 

Typically one choses a designer, the designer provides a proposal with a narrative of their understanding of the client’s needs  and an estimated cost to design the project.. The next step is usually a contract for how the design will be provided, including design costs and a payment schedule along with a delivery date of each phase of the design. 

If you need more information about design options feel free to contact me as I am happy to assist you in making a decision.