My goal …


… is to design gardens which enrich our lives, nourish our environment with beauty and function while being climate appropriate and resource friendly.

Using California, Mediterranean and South African  plantings I can provide texture, color and form to your garden.

Climate  appropriate plantings reduce landscape water and costs. Plants native to  our region create a habitat which provides food and shelter for native bees, butterflies and birds, even drawing beneficial insects that act as natural pest controls.

About Clients

Eriogonum umbellatum “Kannah Creek”


 Many people have questions when trying to select a designer to help them create the garden they desire. Here are some questions that I frequently hear.

“I don’t know a lot about plants and landscape options. ( Will the designer understand what I need?”)

“How do I decide on a designer?”

“What is the process to getting started?”

Clients vary in their understanding of landscaping design/processes. It is my goal to help a client by finding out about them and their project. This includes their concerns, wants, needs, desires and budget so that we can make the best decisions together.

Interviewing a few designers is always a good approach. I recommend talking/meeting with 2-3 designers to get an idea of who is the best fit.  It is important to work with a designer that understands your vision and can incorporate your vision into a plan that is aesthetically pleasing and functional. 

Typically one choses a designer, the designer provides a proposal with a narrative of their understanding of the client’s needs  and an estimated cost to design the project.. The next step is usually a contract for how the design will be provided, including design costs and a payment schedule along with a delivery date of each phase of the design. 

If you need more information about design options feel free to contact me as I am happy to assist you in making a decision.

Do any of these sound like you?…

“We would like to plant a garden which supports our local pollinators using plants that are friendly to the wildlife in California”

“Our yard looks very “dated” which in fact it is. We want a make over.”

“We just bought a new house and want to create a yard/garden that fits our lifestyle.”

“We want to reduce our water usage.”

How I work

What is most important is to understand what my clients are trying to achieve in style and functionality. This is accomplished by a questionnaire and or face to face conversation, making sure there is compatibility in their vision and what I design.  I also encourage reuse or recycling of existing landscape vegetation or hardscape whenever possible.


Full Design Process
  • Interview
  • Questionnaire
  • Site Analysis, mapping – ( may include soil testing)
  • Proposal
  • Proposal Review (contracting)
  • Design Creation
Quick Design Process
  • One visit 2-3 hours
  • Rough sketch of plant layout or perspective
  • Plant List
  • Site Analysis
Additional Services
  • Garden consult
  • Irrigation design and water calculations


About Me

Native YardScape grew from my long term passion for gardening and a fascination of our local plants in the Bay area.

 I gained some experience and knowledge through the Contra Costa Master Gardeners program.

As a graduate of the program I began serving the public through the Master Gardner Help desk.

This experience spurred me to enroll in the Horticulture program at Merritt College and then to continue into the  Landscape Design Program.

I began specializing in native gardens in 2011 and my own garden has been on Bringing Back the Native tour twice.

I work in the  Contra Costa area designing and doing garden consultation and coaching work.

I am a member of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers in the East Bay, a QWEL certified water efficient landscaper, and have judged at the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show.

I work with the Contra Costa Water District as a presenter and designer for their Landscape Design Assistance Program in conjunction with the Lose A Lawn – Get A Garden program. —

Bj Ledgerwood